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T E L E V I S I O N   &   S T R E A M I N G

June TV Roundup

SCREEN: Ripley, Baby Reindeer,
Bridgerton 3, Hacks 3, Palm Royale,
Eric, Supersex, Steve! (Martin)

Abbott Elementary (ABC) 1-2:Apr.23, 3:Jun.24
Acapulco (Apple) 1:Dec.21, 2:Dec.22
The Afterparty (Disney) 1:Apr.22, 2:Oct.23
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (ABC) 1:Jul.14, 2:Jun.15
Ahsoka (Disney) 1:Oct.23
And Just Like That (HBO) aka: Sex and the City 7:Feb.22, 2:Oct.23
Andor (Disney) 1:Dec.22
Around the World in 80 Days (BBC) 1:Feb.22
Arrow (Warner) 2:Jul.14, 3:Apr.15, 4:Jan.16
The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story 1:Apr.18

Baby Reindeer (Netflix) 1:Jun.24
Ballers 1:Sep.15
Ballot Monkeys 1:Jun.15
Banana (C4) 1:Apr.15
Banshee (Cinemax) 1:Sep.13
Barry 1:Jun.18
Based on a True Story (Peacock) 1:Aug.23
The Bear (FX) 1:Dec.22, 2:Aug.23
Beef (Netflix) 1:Apr.23
The Big Bang Theory 12:Jun.19
Big Boys (C4) 1:Jun.22
The Big Door Prize (Apple) 1:Jun.23, 2:Jun.24
The Big Leap (Fox) 1:Dec.21
Big Little Lies 1:Apr.17, 2:Oct.19
Black Mirror (Netflix) 3:Dec.16, 4:Jan.18, 5:Oct.19
Black Narcissus (BBC) 1:Jan.21
Bless This Mess (Disney) 1:Jun.19, 2a:Jan.20, 2b:May.20
Blue Eye Samurai (Netflix) 1:Jan.24
The Book of Boba Fett (Disney 1):Apr.22
Boy Meets Girl 1-2:Sep.16
The Boys (Prime) 1:Oct.19, 2:Nov.20, 3:Aug.22
Brand New Cherry Flavor (Netflix) 1:Sep.21
Brave New World (Peacock) 1:Aug.20
Breaking Bad 1-5:Mar.16
Bridesman (Grindr) 1:Apr.22
Bridgerton (Netflix) 1:Jan.21, 2:Jun.22, 3:Jun.24
The Brink 1:Sep.15
Brooklyn Nine-Nine (CBS) 8:Dec.21
The Brothers Sun (Netflix) 1:Jan.24
Bupkis (Peacock) 1:Jun.23

Call My Agent (Netflix) 1-3:Oct.19, 4:Apr.21
The Carmichael Show 3:Oct.17
Castle Rock (Hulu) 1:Sep.18, 2:Apr.20
Catch-22 1:Oct.19
The Chair (Netflix) 1:Sep.21
Chelsea 1:Sep.16
Chernobyl 1:Jun.19
Chewing Gum (BBC) 1-2:Oct.20
Citadel (Amazon) 1:Jun.23
Cold Feet 6:Dec.16
Community (NBC) 5:Jul.14, 6:Jun.15
The Conners (ABC) 2a:Jan.20, 2b:May.20, 4a:Nov.20, 4b:Apr.22, 5:Apr.23, 6:Jun.24
The Crowded Room (Apple) 1:Aug.23
The Crown (Netflix) 1:Dec.16, 2:Jan.18, 3:Jan.20, 4:Nov.20, 5:Dec.22, 6:Jan.24
Cucumber (C4) 1:Apr.15

Dave (FX) 1:May.20, 2:Sep.21, 3:Jun.23
Dead Boy Detectives (Netflix) 1:Jun.24
Dead to Me (Netflix) 1:Jun.19, 2:May.20, 3:Dec.22
Death to 2020 (Netflix) 1:Jan.21
Deep Water 1:Apr.17
Derry Girls (C4) 1-2:Oct.19, 3:Jun.22
The Deuce 1:Jan.18
Devs (Hulu) 1:Apr.20
Dexter: New Blood (Showtime) 9:Feb.22
Dickensian 1:Mar.16
Dickinson (Apple) 1:Jan.20, 2:Apr.21, 3:Feb.22
Dietland 1:Sep.18
Difficult People 2:Dec.16
Dig 1:Jun.15
Dispatches From Elsewhere (AMC) 1:Jul.20
Doll & Em 2:Jan.16
Dolly Parton's Heartstrings 1:Jan.20
Down to Earth (Netflix) 1:Aug.20
Downton Abbey 6:Jan.16
The Duchess (Netflix) 1:Nov.20

Eastsiders (Netflix) 1-4:Oct.20
Easy 1:Dec.16, 2:Jan.18, 3:Oct.19
The Eddy (Netflix) 1:May.20
Elite (Netflix) 1-3:May.20, 4:Jul.21, 5:Jun.22, 6:Dec.22, 7:Jan.24
Empire 1:Apr.15, 2:Jan.16, 2:Jun.16, 3:Dec.16
The End of the F***ing World 2:Jan.20
Episodes 4:Jun.15, 5:Jan.18
Eric (Netflix) 1:Jun.24
Escort Boys (Prime) 1:Jan.24
Euphoria 1:Oct.19, 2:Jun.22
Everything's Gonna Be Okay (Freeform) 1:Jul.20, 2:Jun.21
Everything Sucks! 1:Apr.18
Extrapolations (Apple) 1:Apr.23

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier (Disney) 1:Jun.21
Fargo (FX) 2:Jan.16, 3:Jun.17, 4:Jan.21, 5:Apr.24
Fellow Travelers (HBO) 1:Jan.24
Feud: Bette & Joan 1:Apr.17, Capote vs the Swans 2:Apr.24
The First 1:Sep.18
The Five 1:Jun.16
Five Bedrooms (Peacock) 1:Oct.20
Flaked 1:Jun.16
The Flash 1:Sep.15, 2:Jan.16, 2:Mar.16
The Flatshare (Paramount) 1:Apr.24
Fleabag (BBC) 2:Apr.19
The Flight Attendant (HBO) 1:Jan.21, 2:Jun.22
Flowers 1:Jun.16
Fosse/Verdon 1:Jun.19
Frank of Ireland (C4) 1:Jun.21
Franklin & Bash (TBS) 3:Sep.13
Frasier (Paramount) 1:Jan.24
Friends From College 1:Oct.17, 2:Apr.19
Fubar (Netflix) 1:Aug.23
The Full Monty (Hulu) 1:Oct.23
Future Man (Hulu) 2:Apr.19, 3:Apr.20

Galavant 2:Mar.16
Game of Thrones (HBO) 3:Jul.14, 4:Jun.15, 6:Jun.16, 7:Oct.17, 8:Jun.19
Gen V (Prime) 1:Jan.24
Genera+ion (HBO) 1:Jul.21
A Gentleman in Moscow (Showtime) 1:Jun.24
The Get Down 1a:Apr.17, 1b:Jun.17
The Gilded Age (HBO) 1:Apr.22
Girls (HBO) 4:Apr.15, 5:Jun.16, 6:Apr.17
Girls5eva (Peacock) 1:Jun.21, 2:Jun.22, 3:Apr.24
Glamorous (Netflix) 1:Aug.23
Glee 6:Apr.15
Glow 1-3:Oct.23
Good Omens 1:Jun.19, 2:Oct.23
The Good Place (NBC) 2:Sep.18, 3:Apr.19, 4a:Jan.20, 4b:Apr.20
Grace and Frankie (Netflix) 1:Jun.15, 2:Jun.16, 3:Jun.17, 4:Apr.18, 5:Apr.19, 6:Apr.20, 7a:Sep.21, 7b:Jun.22
The Great (Hulu) 1:May.20, 2:Feb.22
The Grinder 1:Mar.16
Gypsy 1:Oct.17

Hacks (HBO) 1:Jun.21, 2:Aug.22, 3:Jun.24
Halston (Netflix) 1:Jun.21
The Handmaid's Tale (Hulu) 1:Jun.17, 2:Sep.18, 3:Oct.19, 4:Jul.21, 5:Dec.22
The Haunting of Hill House (Netflix) 1:Oct.19
Hawkeye (Disney) 1:Feb.22
Heartstopper (Netflix) 1:Jun.22, 2:Aug.23
Here and Now 1:Jun.18
His Dark Materials (BBC) 1:Jan.20, 2:Jan.21, 3:Apr.23
History of the World: Part II (Disney) 1:Apr.23

April TV Roundup

SCREEN: Mary & George,
Fargo 5, Young Royals 3, Feud 2,
Mr & Mrs Smith, 3 Body Problem

Hitmen (Sky) 1:Oct.20
Hollywood (Netflix) 1:May.20
Homecoming (Prime) 2:Aug.20
Homeland (HBO) 5:Jan.16, 6:Apr.17, 7:Jun.18, 8:May.20
House of Cards (Netflix) 1:Sep.13, 3:Apr.15, 4:Mar.16, 5:Jun.17
The House of Flowers (Netflix) 1-3:May.20
How to Get Away With Murder 1:Jun.15
Huge in France (Netflix) 1:Nov.20

I Am Not Okay With This (Netflix) 1:Apr.20
I Hate Suzie (Sky) 1:Oct.20
I Know This Much Is True (HBO) 1:Aug.20
I May Destroy You (BBC) 1:Aug.20
I Think You Should Leave (Netflix) 1:Jun.19, 2:Sep.21, 3:Aug.23
Ill Behaviour 1:Oct.17
I'm Dying Up Here 1:Jan.18, 2:Sep.18
The Innocents 1:Sep.18
Insecure (HBO) 1:Apr.17, 2:Oct.17, 3:Sep.18, 4:May.20
Inside Amy Schumer 3:Sep.15, 5:Dec.22
Inside No 9 4:Apr.18
Invasion (Apple) 1:Dec.21
Invincible (Netflix) 1:Jun.21, 2:Apr.24
Insatiable (Netflix) 1:Sep.18, 2:Oct.20
The Irregulars (Netflix) 1:Apr.21
It's a Sin (BBC) 1:Apr.21

Jane the Virgin 3:Apr.17, 4a:Jan.18, 4b:Jun.18, 5:Jun.19
Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich (Netflix) 1:Jul.20
Jerrod Carmichael Reality Show (Max) 1:Jun.24
Jessica Jones 1:Sep.16
Juice (BBC) 1:Oct.23
Jupiter's Legacy (Netflix) 1:Jun.21
Jury Duty (Prime) 1:Jun.23

Kevin Can F**k Himself (AMC) 1:Sep.21, 2:Dec.22
Killing Eve (BBC) 2:Jun.19, 3:Jul.20, 4:Jun.22
Kim's Convenience (CBC) 1-2:May.20, 5:Apr.21
The Kominsky Method (Netflix) 1-2:Apr.20, 3:Jul.21

The Last of Us (HBO) 1:Aug.23
Legion 1:Apr.17
The Lego Star Wars Holiday Special (Disney) 1:Nov.20
Lessons in Chemistry (Apple) 1:Jan.24
Life Is Easy (Revry) 1:Aug.20
Lisey's Story (Apple) 1:Jul.21
Little Fires Everywhere (Prime) 1:May.20
Living With Yourself 1:Jan.20
Lodge 49 1:Sep.18
Loki (Disney) 1:Jul.21, 2:Jan.24
London Spy 1:Jan.16
Looking 2:Apr.15
The Looming Tower 1:Jun.18
Loot (Apple) 1:Aug.22, 2:Jun.24
Love 1:Sep.16, 3:Apr.18
Love Life (HBO) 1:Jul.20, 2:Dec.21
Love, Victor (Hulu) 1:Jul.20, 2:Jul.21, 3:Aug.22
Lovecraft Country (HBO) 1:Nov.20
Lucifer (Fox) 1-3:Oct.20, (Netflix) 5:Jun.21, 6:Sep.21
The Luminaries (BBC) 1:Aug.20
Lupin (Netflix) 1:Apr.21, 2:Jul.21, 3:Oct.23

Mad Men (AMC) 6:Sep.13, 7a:Jul.14, 7b:Jun.15
Man in an Orange Shirt 1:Oct.17
The Man in the High Castle 1:Jan.16, 2:Apr.17
The Mandalorian (Disney) 1:Jan.20, 2:Jan.21, 3:Apr.23
Mare of Easttown (Sky) 1:Jun.21
The Marvelous Mrs Maisel (Prime) 1:Apr.18, 3:Jan.20, 4:Aug.22, 5:Jun.23
Mary & George (Sky) 1:Apr.24
Master of None 1:Jan.16, 2:Oct.17
Masters of Sex 3:Sep.15, 4:Dec.16
McMafia 1:Apr.18
Messiah (Netflix) 1:Jul.20
Minority Report 1:Jan.16
Minx (HBO) 1:Apr.22, 2:Oct.23
Les Miserables 1:Apr.19
Mrs America (HBO) 1:Jul.20
Mrs Davis (Peacock) 1:Jun.23
Mr & Mrs Smith (Prime) 1:Apr.24
Mr Corman (Apple) 1:Dec.21
Modern Family (ABC) 5:Jul.14, 6:Apr.15, 7:Mar.16, 8:Dec.16, 9a:Jan.18, 9b:Jun.18, 10:Jun.19, 11a:Jan.20, 11:Apr.20
Mom (CBS) 4:Apr.17, 5:Jun.18, 6:Jun.19, 7:Jan.20, 8:Jan.21
Moon Knight (Disney) 1:Jun.22
The Morning Show (Apple) 1:Jan.20, 2:Dec.21, 3:Jan.24
The Mosquito Coast (Apple) 1:Jul.21
Ms Marvel (Disney) 1:Aug.22
The Muppets 1:Jan.16
Murderville (Netflix) 1:Apr.22
My Life With the Walter Boys (Netflix) 1:Apr.24

The Name of the Rose 1:Oct.19
The Neighbor [El Vecino] (Netflix) 1:Oct.20, 2:Jun.21
Never Have I Ever (Netflix) 1:May.20, 2:Sep.21, 4:Aug.23
The New Legends of Monkey (Netflix) 1:Jun.18, 2:Oct.20
The New Pope (HBO) 2:Apr.20
Next (Fox) 1:Jan.21
Night Court (NBC) 1-2:Jun.24
The Night Manager 1:Mar.16
The Night Of 1:Sep.16
Nine Perfect Strangers (Prime) 1:Dec.21
Normal People (BBC) 1:Jul.20
The North Water (BBC) 1:Sep.21
Now Apocalypse 1:Apr.19
Nurse Jackie (Showtime) 6:Jul.14, 7:Jun.15

The OA 1-2:Oct.19
Obi-Wan Kenobi (Disney) 1:Aug.22
The One (Netflix) 1:Apr.21
One Day at a Time (Netflix) 3:Apr.19, (Pop) 4:Jul.20
One Piece (Netflix) 1:Oct.23
Only Murders in the Building (Hulu) 1:Dec.21, 2:Dec.22, 3:Oct.23
Open to It (OutTV) 1:Apr.24
The Orville 1:Oct.17
The Other Two (HBO) 1:Oct.19, 2:Dec.21, 3:Aug.23
Our Flag Means Death (HBO) 1:Jun.22, 2:Jan.24
The Outsider (HBO) 1:Apr.20
Ozark (Netflix) 1:Oct.17, 2:Sep.18, 2:Apr.20, 4a:Feb.22, 4b:Jun.22

Palm Royale(Apple) 1:Jun.24
Paradise City (Prime) 1:Jun.21
Parks and Recreation (NBC) 6:Jul.14, 7:Apr.15
Patrick Melrose 1:Sep.18
Peacemaker (HBO) 1:Apr.22
The Pentaverate (Netflix) 1:Jun.22
The People v OJ Simpson: American Crime Story 1:Jun.16
Physical (Apple) 1:Sep.21, 2:Aug.22, 3:Oct.23
Please Like Me 3:Jan.16, 4:Dec.16
The Plot Against America (HBO) 1:Aug.20
The Politician (Netflix) 1:Jan.20, 2:Jul.20
Pose (FX) 1:Sep.18, 2:Oct.19, 3:Jul.21
Pretty Baby: Brooke Shields (Disney) 1:Apr.23
Putting On 1:Apr.19

Q-Force (Netflix) 1:Sep.21
Quantum Leap (NBC) 1:Dec.22
Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story (Netflix) 1:Jun.23
The Queen's Gambit (Netflix) 1:Jun.21
Queer as Folk(Peacock) 1:Aug.22
Quiz (ITV) 1:Apr.20

Ratched (Netflix) 1:Oct.20
The Real O'Neals 1:Jun.16, 2:Dec.16
Reboot (Hulu) 1:Dec.22
The Resort (Peacock) 1:Dec.22
Ripley (Netflix) 1:Jun.24
Rise 1:Jun.18

January TV Roundup

SCREEN: Frasier, Fellow Travellers,
The Crown 6, The Morning Show 3,
Lessons in Chemistry, Gen V

Roseanne 10:Jun.18
The Royals 2:Jun.16
Run (Hulu) 1:May.20

Safe 1:Jun.18
The Sandman (Netflix) 1:Dec.22
Santa Clarita Diet 1:Jun.17, 2:Jun.18, 3:Jun.19
Scandal (ABC) 3:Jul.14, 4:Apr.15, 5:Jan.16, 5:Mar.16, 7a:Jan.18, 7b:Jun.18
Schitt's Creek (CBC) 1:Apr.15, 2:Jun.16, 3:Apr.17, 4:Jun.18, 5:Apr.19, (Netflix) 6:Apr.20
Schmigadoon! (Apple) 1:Sep.21, 2:Jun.23
Secret Invasion (Disney) 1:Aug.23
Sense8 1:Sep.15, 2:Jun.17
A Series of Light (Prime) 1:Jul.20
The Serpent (BBC) 1:Jan.21
Severance (Apple) 1:Jun.22
Sex Education (Netflix) 1:Apr.19, 2:Apr.20, 3:Dec.21, 4:Oct.23
Shadow and Bone (Netflix) 1-2:Jun.23
Shameless (Showtime) 5:Apr.15, 6:Mar.16, 7:Dec.16, 8a:Jan.18, 8b:Apr.18, 9:Apr.19, 10:Jan.20, 11a:Jan.21, 11b:Jun.21
Sharp Objects 1:Sep.18
She-Hulk: Attorney at Law (Disney) 1:Dec.22
Sherlock (BBC) 4:Apr.17
Shrill (Hulu) 1-3:Apr.22
Shrinking (Apple) 1:Apr.23
Silicon Valley 3:Jun.16
Single, Out (Cinephobia) 1:Oct.23
Smiley (Netflix) 1:Dec.22
Snowpiercer (Netflix) 1:Aug.20, 2:Apr.21, 3:Apr.22
Somebody Somewhere 1-2:Aug.23
Someone Has to Die [Alguien Tiene Que Morir] (Netflix) 1:Nov.20
Space Force (Netflix) 1:Jul.20, 2:Jun.22
Special (Netflix) 1:Jun.19, 2:Jul.21
The Spoils Before Dying 1:Sep.15
Squid Game (Netflix) 1:Feb.22
Staged (BBC) 1:Jul.20, 2:Apr.21
The Stand (CBS) 1:Apr.21
Star Trek: Discovery (Netflix) 1a:Oct.17, 1b:Apr.18, 2:Apr.19, 3a:Nov.20, 3b:Jan.21, (Paramount) 4a:Feb.22, 4b:Apr.22, 5:Jun.24
Star Trek: Picard (CBS) 1:Apr.20, 2:Jun.22, 3:Apr.23
Star Trek: Strange New Worlds (Paramount) 1:Aug.22, 2:Oct.23
Star Wars: The Bad Batch (Disney) 1:Jul.21
Starstruck 1-3:Oct.23
Steve! (Martin): A Documentary in 2 Pieces (Apple) 1:Jun.24
Still Up (Apple) 1:Jan.24
Stitchers 1:Sep.15
Stranger Things (Netflix) 1:Sep.16, 2:Jan.18, 3:Oct.19, 4:Aug.22
Succession (HBO) 1:Oct.19, 2:Jan.20, 3:Dec.21, 4:Jun.23
A Suitable Boy (BBC) 1:Oct.20
Supergirl 1:Sep.16, 2:Dec.16
Supersex (Netflix) 1:Jun.24
Superstore (NBC) 1-4:Oct.19, 6:Jan.21

Taboo 1:Apr.17
Tales From the Loop (Prime) 1:Jul.20
Tales of the City 4:Jun.19
Ted Lasso (Apple) 1:Oct.20, 2:Dec.21, 3:Jun.23
Tehran (Apple) 1:Nov.20
Ten Percent (Prime) 1:Jun.22
That Damn Michael Che (HBO) 1:Jul.21
That 90s Show (Netflix) 1:Apr.23
The Third Day (HBO) 1:Nov.20
Thirteen Reasons Why 1:Jun.17
This Is Going to Hurt (BBC) 1:Apr.22
This Is Us (NBC) 1:Dec.16, 2a:Jan.18, 2b:Apr.18, 3:Apr.19, 4:Jan.20, 5:Jan.21, 6:Apr.22
This Time With Alan Partridge (BBC) 1:Apr.19, 2:Jun.21
3 Body Problem (Netflix) 1:Apr.24
Tiger King (Netflix) 1:Apr.20
Timeless 2:Jun.18, 3:Apr.19
Tofu (C4) 1:Apr.15
Togetherness 1:Apr.15
Top of the Lake (BBC) 1:Sep.13, Top of the Lake: China Girl 2:Oct.17
Tore (Netflix) 1:Jan.24
The Tourist (BBC) 1:Feb.22, 2:Jan.24
Tracey Ullman's Show2:Apr.17
Transparent 2:Jan.16, 3:Dec.16, 3:Jan.18, 5:Jan.20
The Trip to Spain (BBC) 3:Jun.17, The Trip to Greece 4:Apr.20
True Blood (HBO) 6:Sep.13
True Detective 2:Sep.15, 3:Jun.19, Night Country - 4:Jun.24
Trust 1:Jun.18
Twin Peaks (Showtime) 3a:Jun.17, 3b:Oct.17

The Umbrella Academy (Netflix) 1:Jan.20, 2:Aug.20, 3:Aug.22
Unbelievable (Netflix) 1:Apr.20
The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (Netflix) 2:Jun.16, 3:Jun.17, 4:Jun.18, 5:Apr.19
Uncoupled(HBO) 1:Aug.22
The Underground Railroad (Prime) 1:Jul.21
The Undoing (HBO) 1:Jan.21
Unorthodox (Netflix) 1:Apr.20
UnReal (Prime) 1-4:Aug.20
Unstable (Netflix) 1:Apr.23
Upload (Prime) 1:May.20, 2:Jun.22, 3:Jan.24
The Upshaws (Netflix) 1:Jul.21

Veep (HBO) 3:Jul.14, 4:Jun.15, 5:Jun.16, 6:Jun.17, 7:Jun.19
A Very British Scandal (BBC) 1:Feb.22
A Very English Scandal 1:Jun.18
Vicious 2:Sep.15
Victoria (ITV) 1:Dec.16, 2:Oct.17, 3:Jun.19

W1A 2:Jun.15
The Walking Dead 5:Apr.15
Wandavision (Disney) 1:Apr.21
War & Peace 1:Mar.16
Watchmen 1:Jan.20
Wayward Pines 1:Sep.15, 2:Sep.16
We Are Who We Are (HBO) 1:Nov.20
Welcome to Chippendales (Hulu) 1:Apr.23
Westworld 1:Dec.16
Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp 1:Sep.15
What/If (Netflix) 1:Feb.22
What We Do in the Shadows (FX) 1:Oct.19, 2:Jul.20, 3:Dec.21, 4:Dec.22, 5:Oct.23
The Wheel of Time (Amazon) 1:Feb.22, 2:Oct.23
When We Rise 1:Apr.17
White House Plumbers (HBO) 1:Jun.23
The White Lotus (HBO) 1:Sep.21, 2:Dec.22
Who Is America 1:Sep.18
Why Are You Like This (Netflix) 1:Jun.21
Wild Wild Country 1:Jun.18
Will 1:Oct.17
Will & Grace (NBC) 9a:Jan.18, 9b:Jun.18, 11:May.20
The Witcher (Netflix) 1:Aug.20, 2:Feb.22, 3:Aug.23
Wolf Hall 1:Apr.15
The Woman in the House Across the Street From the Girl in the Window (Netflix) 1:Feb.22

The X Files 10:Mar.16, 11:Apr.18

Years and Years 1:Jun.19
You 1:Apr.19
You, Me and the Apocalypse 1:Jan.16
The Young Pope 1:Dec.16
Young Rock (NBC) 1a:Apr.21, 2:Jun.22, 3:Apr.23
Young Royals 1-2:Oct.23, 3:Apr.24
Younger (TV Land) 1:Sep.16, 4:Oct.17, 5:Sep.18, 6:Oct.19, 7:Jun.21
Your Honor (Sky) 1:Apr.21
You're the Worst 1:Apr.15, 2:Jan.16, 3:Dec.16, 4:Jan.18, 5:Apr.19

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