Trouble Every Day
3 out of 5 stars
R E V I E W   B Y   R I C H   C L I N E
the hunger to love This eerie and atmospheric drama builds its suspense slowly and surely, catching us off guard when it becomes a kind of oblique horror nightmare! There are two parallel stories, which converge at the end: In one Shane and June (Gallo and Vessey) travel from America for their honeymoon in Paris. But something's wrong with Shane. He's ignoring June, obsessed with finding this lab researcher, which has something to do with a dodgy chapter in his past life. Meanwhile, a doctor named Leo (Descas) has an awful secret locked up at home: his increasingly violent wife Core (Dalle), who has a nasty habit of biting men to death whenever she gets out.

As she did in Beau Travail, director-cowriter Denis uses style to both expand and mask the strong narrative. The film's soft, naturalistic exterior masks a seething undercurrent of violence and grisliness, which occasionally bursts onto the screen in all its gruesome, terrifying glory. These shifts in tone are jarring, to say the least, but they also draw us in, cranking up the tension to almost unbearable levels. We begin to imagine what might be coming long before we see it, which somehow makes it all so much more startling ... and darkly moving. This is augmented beautifully by realistic performances from the cast (only Dalle is completely gonzo), who make us feel for these tortured, murderous or naive people all the more. Believe me, this is unlike any sex-and-horror film you've ever seen!

cert 18 adult themes and situations, violence, nudity, language 7.May.02

dir Claire Denis
scr Claire Denis, Jean-Pol Fargeau
with Vincent Gallo, Tricia Vessey, Beatrice Dalle, Alex Descas, Florence Loiret-Caille, Aurore Clement, Raphael Neal, Jose Garcia, Nicolas Duvauchelle, Helene Lapiower, Marilu Marini, Bakary Sangare
release US 1.Mar.02; UK 26.Dec.02
01/France 1h42

Black widow. Leo and Core (Descas and Dalle) find a moment for love in between the bloodletting.
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