This I Wish and Nothing More
Which way. Bruno (Nagy) must figure out what he's going to do with his life...
dir Kornel Mundruczo
scr Farkas Hegyi, Kornel Mundruczo, Viktoria Petranyi
with Ervin Nagy, Roland Raba, Martina Kovacs, Imre Csuja, Agi Szirtes
release US Oct.00 hffla; UK Apr.01 llgff
00/Hungary 1h20
3˝ out of 5 stars
R E V I E W   B Y   R I C H   C L I N E
London L&G Film Fest Atmospheric and involving from the first scene, this Hungarian drama is surprisingly well crafted, kind of like a streetwise David Lynch film with its compelling yet slightly scary characters and situations. Bruno (Nagy) isa confused young man who lives with his girlfriend Mari (Kovacs) and her brother Ringo (Raba). To earn a living, Bruno and Ringo work as rent boys and petty criminals. There are a few problems, of course: Mari wants a more serious relationship (she doesn't know what Bruno and Ringo do); Ringo is gay and in love with Bruno; Bruno isn't sure about their criminal lifestyle. Meanwhile, Bruno is struggling with his feelings toward an old client (Csuja) and wondering where Mari goes while he's working. And the society around all of them is full of homophobic cops and thugs waiting for a reason to pounce.

This impending sense of dread is palpable throughout the film. Bruno and Ringo are best friends looking out for each other, and yet their struggles leave them very vulnerable on every side. So when sudden, horrific violence erupts it hits us hard. None of this would work if the cast and crew weren't so good at their jobs! Despite a few rather jolting, incongruous sequences, Mundruczo artfully pulls us into this world, keeping us on our toes with creepy imagery and black humour, then plunging us right into the drama along with the characters, all of whom are excellently played. This is a very astute, hip look at European life, gritty and engaging at the same time. And worth looking out for.
adult themes and situations, language, violence 5.Apr.01 llgff

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