He Loves Me ... He Loves Me Not
3 out of 5 starsA la Folie ... Pas du Tout
R E V I E W   B Y   R I C H   C L I N E
he loves me, he loves me not Tatou plays with her Amelie image in this bright and breezy, yet profoundly creepy French comedy-drama. She plays Angelique, a young woman who's hopelessly devoted to her cardiologist boyfriend Loic (Le Bihan), even though Loic happens to be married to a pregnant lawyer (Carre). Her friends (Sibony and Guillemin) are wary of this man they've seen but never met, but Angelique's overwhelming bliss is infectious. Then things start getting strange--very strange--and we begin to wonder about Angelique's sanity. Rewind ... and we watch the story again from Loic's point of view, which is a different story completely.

The structure is quite clever, and very nicely done. Colombani effectively sucks us in, keeping things sunny and colourful from the beginning to the end, with a comic tone that catches the moments of absurdity and humour beautifully. On the other hand, this doesn't work quite as well in the story's darker segments, which get very black indeed! At these points, the light goofiness sits at odds with the true horror of the situations and the sad delusions the characters are suffering. There are also jumpy moments in the narrative that leave us rather confused; some of this is filled in later, but not all of it. Yet as we slowly begin to understand the extent of Angelique's situation, the film does manage to touch us, drawing us into the mystery-thriller aspects of the story and then leaving us perplexed at how we're supposed to feel about these people. The performances are very good, and yet in the end we are left outside. More than a bit frustrated ... and unsure whether we should laugh or cry.

cert 12 adult themes and situations 23.Oct.02

dir-scr Letitia Colombani
with Audrey Tatou, Samuel Le Bihan, Isabelle Carre, Clement Sibony, Sophie Guillemin, Eric Savin, Michelle Garay, Elodie Navarre, Catherine Cyler, Mathilde Blache, Charles Chevalier Michael Mourot
release UK 22.Nov.02; US 14.Feb.03
02/France 1h31

Just friends. Angelique hasn't a clue that her friend David has a crush on her (Sibony and Tatou)...

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R E A D E R   R E V I E W S
send your review to Shadows... he loves me, he loves me not "It doesn't matter which character Audrey has to play--Amelie differs from Angelique like black from white--she can always manage superbly. The ending was good because I think it's more real than those fake mushy Hollywood endings." --Neltado, Estonia 2.Dec.02
2002 by Rich Cline, Shadows on the Wall