Angel’s Charms
dir Andrew Pratt
scr Christopher Clarke
with Christopher Clarke, Imogen Smith, Eric Prescott, Judith Peacock, Sara Bedi, Emlyn Singleton
release UK Apr.01 llgff
01/UK 1h03
1 out of 5 stars
R E V I E W   B Y   R I C H   C L I N E
London L&G Film Fest I'm just guessing, but it seems like Pratt and Clarke had an idea for a film but didn't (or couldn't) raise the funding, so they just shot it themselves with a camcorder. This is an extremely low-budget British film, a just-about-feature-length romantic drama with no real production values to speak of ... but at least they tried! Brits in L.A. Suzy and Peter (Smith and Clarke) have a strained marriage--each is having a secret affair while pretending that everything is fine. The twist is that Peter's fling is with a coworker named Angel (Prescott), who's hiding some sort of secret ... or two. In fact, all three of them are hiding things from each other--not just their sex lives, but also their hopes and dreams, bank balances, drug experimentations, and so on. It'll all come out at a fateful dinner party.

Pretty soon the film becomes more than a little farcical, even though the cast don't seem to realise it. They keep playing it straight, getting more and more dramatic as the story gets sillier by the minute. There are a few hints of wit and cleverness in the script, and a few moments of authenticity in the performances (mostly from Prescott), but otherwise it's pretty bad. And it isn't helped by the amateurish camera work and sound mix, or Clarke's rather obtrusive songs blaring on the soundtrack. To be honest, these aspiring filmmakers should have tried a bit harder to get some money and, more importantly, some professional advice and collaboration to polish off all the rough edges.
adult themes, language, drugs 4.Apr.01 llgff

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