Ali G Indahouse
Straight outta Staines. Ali G, MP, meets the press on Downing Street
dir Mark Mylod
scr Sacha Baron Cohen, Dan Mazer
with Sacha Baron Cohen, Michael Gambon, Charles Dance, Kellie Bright, Rhona Mitra, Martin Freeman, Tony Way, Ray Panthaki, Barbara New, Nabil Elouahabi, Stephen Bent, Jon Snow, Naomi Campbell
release UK 22.Mar.02
02/UK 1h28
2Ω out of 5 stars • See also: BORAT (2006) | BRUNO (2009)
R E V I E W   B Y   R I C H   C L I N E
cleaning da filth from da pm's hood Baron Cohen, aka Britain's Mike Myers, brings his alter ego Ali G to the big screen (with a cameo for Borat) in this outrageous and energetic comedy. We're in Ali's strange world in Staines--a white middle class neighbourhood in the grips of gang warfare from rapper wannabes like Ali and his posse (Freeman and Way), not to mention his slapper girlfriend (Bright). Soon Ali becomes a pawn in a political game involving the Prime Minister (Gambon) and his deputy (Dance). And before he knows it, he's a member of the House of Commons with the power to change the world!

We know from the beginning what the tone will be, as Ali appears alongside the BBFC certificate making rude comments to try to up the certificate from 15 to 18, to no avail. There's nothing remotely subtle here, but there are just enough clever jabs at everything from pop fashion to the UN that we stay engaged ... and laughing. Yes, most everything goes way over the top--especially the relentless stream of tasteless sex/drugs/toilet jokes. And there are several devices that just don't work (Ali continually interrupting the film, for one).

Believability isn't an issue here, so I won't mention the ludicrous plot or shallow comedy-sketch characters. And there are a couple of feeble attempts to push Ali's vaguely serious "keep it real" message, not to mention some mushy romantic entanglements; but fortunately the filmmakers undercut this kind of thing at every opportunity. While much of the film is simply roll-your-eyes unfunny, there are just enough dead-on zingers that it's likely to be a big Kevin & Perry style hit.
adult themes, strong language, drugs, vulgarity cert 15 6.Mar.02

R E A D E R   R E V I E W S
cleaning da filth from da pm's hood send your review to Shadows... dogma bonanza, boulder, co: 5/5 "ali g is hilarious, you are all reading way to deep in to it. Sacha is making fun of everything that our society sees as 'gangster' and its insanely hilarious. Get with the times people, hes not trying to make a point, hes just dicking around." (27.Feb.07)
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