Jackass Jackass Number Two
R E V I E W   B Y   R I C H   C L I N E dir Jeff Tremaine
with Johnny Knoxville, Bam Margera, Steve-O, Chris Pontius, Wee Man, Ryan Dunn, Dave England, Ehren McGhehey, Preston Lacy, Spike Jonze, John Waters, Jay Chandrasekhar
release US 22.Sep.06,
UK 24.Nov.06
06/US Paramount 1h35

Fly me to the moon: Knoxville

knoxville margera steve-o

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Jackass Number Two The chuckleheads are back with a lot more money than when they made their first film. But no more sense. This is another series of painfully stupid, life-endangering stunts. And yes, it's hilarious.

As before, it's a random series of gags, blending Candid Camera-style sequences (Knoxville and Jonze made-up as rude pensioners) with elaborate practical jokes and boneheaded stunts. From the opening scene, in which bulls chase the boys through suburbia, to the crazed musical finale, it's non-stop gleeful vulgarity. See Steve-O hang from a fish hook as shark bait! See Bam face off against a king cobra! See Johnny blast himself into the sky on a rocket! See Chris drink--well, that's not exactly printable.

"Come on, it's footage," they cry, urging each other to new heights of idiocy. While some of this is indeed inspired goofiness, much of it is deeply deranged, which of course gives the whole film a terrific wish-fulfilment angle--we'd never do these things, but it's funny to see what happens when someone else does. (Knoxville was knocked unconscious three times during filming.) On the other hand, the animal cruelty is disturbing; they may be snakes, but they've got to be hugely stressed to attack like this. To say nothing of all the frenzied bulls.

As usual, many gags involve sexuality and nudity, plus various bodily fluids. They may be famous now, but they're still unafraid to expose themselves in every conceivable way. Technically, this film is much more efficiently shot using hi-def cameras and sharp editing. They also have more money for both props and globe-hopping. Although this doesn't mean they play it safe. Or that they have the smarts to hire someone with technical know-how, as is clear from the appallingly designed blast-off ramps.

We can feel the clear influence of the more extreme Dirty Sanchez here. But these guys are much more starry, with guest appearances by two of Knoxville's real-film directors (Waters and Chandrasekhar), big-name cameos and of course Bam's besieged parents. But the guys are as engaging as always, usually standing around in the background laughing at each other before it's their turn to put their limbs on the line.

cert 18 themes, language, violence, nudity 13.Oct.06

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