Dallas 362
3 out of 5 stars
R E V I E W   B Y   R I C H   C L I N E
Dallas 362 Caan proves himself as not only a writer-director to reckon with, but also a star with his dad James' charisma with this independent drama about two friends who reach a crossroads in their relationship. Rusty (Hatosy) moved to L.A. from Texas years ago with his mother Mary (Lynch) after his dad was killed in a rodeo accident. He quickly met Dallas (Caan) and the two became inseparable friends, always in trouble, getting into far too many bar brawls and, now, drifting to a life of petty crime. Mary's worried about Rusty so she sends him to see her new boyfriend (Goldblum), who happens to be a shrink and is a bit worried about conflict-of-interest issues. Meanwhile, Dallas is planning a big job with the hapless low-life Christian (Lauren), as well as something his new girlfriend (Fisher) heard about from her friend Rubin the roofer (Rodriguez).

The film has a rhythm to it that makes it more than watchable--we instantly care about these loveable losers and begin rooting for them to make some wise decisions and break the cycle of violence. Earthy humour and energetic masculinity fill the screen (even Lynch's character isn't terribly feminine), and the cast captures the vibe nicely. Hatosy and Caan are excellent, with great chemistry between them and a strong sense of impending do-or-die decision-making. Goldblum is the strongest character, simply because the actor makes him so well-rounded--concerned and absolutely hilarious, relaxed and nervous at the same time. It does get a bit corny when Christian and his nutty girlfriend (Blair) are on the scene--their scenes are too-broad comically, and we can tell that when they intersect with the main plotline it won't be pretty. As a story about two young men on the brink of a big change, this is a fascinating portrait. It's a little rough around the edges here and there, but it's well worth a look.

cert 15tbc themes, language, violence, drugs 27.Oct.03 lff

dir-scr Scott Caan
with Shawn Hatosy, Scott Caan, Jeff Goldblum, Kelly Lynch, Val Lauren, Freddy Rodriguez, Selma Blair, Isla Fisher, Heavy D, Bob Gunton, Marley Shelton, Tony Lee Boggs
release UK Oct.03 lff, US 25.Mar.05
03/US 1h40

face-off: Hatosy and Caan.

caan hatosy lynch
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