Take that sucka! Shaft (Jackson) protects Diane (Collette) the only way he knows how....
dir John Singleton
scr Richard Price, John Singleton, Shane Salerno
with Samuel L Jackson, Vanessa Williams, Jeffrey Wright, Christian Bale, Dan Hedaya, Busta Rhymes, Toni Collette, Richard Roundtree, Philip Bosco, Jennifer Esposito, Josef Sommer, Philip Bosco, Pat Hingle, Daniel von Bargen, Mekhi Phifer, Isaac Hayes
Paramount 00/US  out of 5 stars

[18--themes, violence, language]
US release 16.Jun.00; UK release 15.Sep.00

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still the man"Shaft ... John Shaft ... shut yo' mouth. I went to a screening of this film tonight expecting lots of gunfire, bloodshed, slick black leather jackets and of course attitude. If the gentle reader will pardon the pun, I was indeed paid off in spades. The original Shaft, a blaxploitation genre-defining cult classic, was a gritty and ultra-violent thriller. This version has of course much higher production values and a host of Hollywood names behind it, but it certainly lived up to the reputation of its predecessor. Under Singleton's sharp direction, this film delivers a rapid fire series of action which is accentuated by the snappy performances of the entire cast, particularly Jackson in the title role and Wright as Peoples, the baddest of the bad guys. If you are going to judge this film with any measure of political correctness, then please just stay home. It is however an exciting summer offering that will satisfy those of you who are brave enough to admit that you enjoy this type of action when you go to the movies. Over two and a half decades later, Shaft is still one bad M.F." --Chris C, St Louis.

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