Kevin & Perry Go Large

On the beach: Kevin & Perry (Enfield and Burke) make a splash in Ibiza....
dir Ed Bye
scr Harry Enfield, David Cummings
with Harry Enfield, Kathy Burke, Rhys Ifans, Laura Fraser, James Fleet, Louisa Rix, Tabitha Wady, Paul Whitehouse, Stephen O'Donnell, Frank Harper, James Murray, Natasha Little
Icon 00/UK 3 out of 5 stars
Review by Rich Cline
This film has a lot in common with Wayne's World: It's a breathtakingly stupid comedy based on TV sketch characters who are geeky teens played by 35-year-olds. And Kevin & Perry is also very funny, in an "I can't believe I laughed at that" kind of way.

Kevin and Perry (Enfield and Burke) are hormonal boys who have only one thing on their mind: ridding themselves of their pesky virginity. Oh, and they also want to become world-famous mix-masters. But they're such losers no one will give them the time of day, except Kevin's sexy mum (Rix) and helpful dad (Fleet), much to Kev's embarrassment and Perry's delight. Then they all go to Ibiza for the summer holidays--where Europe dances into the night ... and the girls will sleep with anyone. On arrival they can't believe their luck when they meet top DJ Eyeball Paul (Ifans) and two girls of their dreams (Fraser and Wady). But will the path to fame and love run smoothly? Oh, it's all just sooo unfair!

The film has no pretensions about quality so it just gets on with its silly plot and vulgar humour (which charts new gross-out boundaries more than once). Enfield and Burke have honed these characters so well on TV that they actually work on a big screen, in a ludicrous sort of way. We actually like them and root for them to surmount each hurdle, even though they're far too pathetic for words. OK, I'm stretching things here. This is after all a film with no brain at all ... all the blood has rushed to its nether regions, just like its protagonists. And I can't believe I laughed at it. Several times.

[15--themes and innuendo, vulgarity, language] 13.Apr.00
UK release 21.Apr.00

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all they want to do is do it "Largin it in Ibiza, this movie has everything for the aficionado of Dance and English Carry On movies updated for the new millennium. Enfield and Burke move on to the big screen with their sketch show characters and if anything improve them in the process. Character development for this genre has got to be hard, but we all root for the boys as they go from one laugh-out-loud moment to another (surely rare enough in most other 'comedy' movies). Superb reminiscent soundtrack by Judge Jules helps create a credible backdrop to a ludicrous story. Okay the plot's thin (what plot!), but the thing hangs together, flows effortlessly and is worth watching again for the laugh and the banging tunes. If you like dance, or if you don't and you can relate to some great reflections on puberty and some disgusting but not overdone gags then get this - it'll kill you." --Jason I J Smith.

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2000 by Rich Cline, Shadows on the Wall