Beautiful Creatures
dir Bill Eagles scr Simon Donald
with Susan Lynch, Rachel Weisz, Alex Norton, Maurice Roeves, Iain Glen, Tom Mannion, Robin Laing, Joel Strachan, Ron Donachie, Stewart Preston, Ellie Haddington, Paul Higgins
release UK 19.Jan.01
Universal 00/UK 1h28 3 out of 5 stars
Review by Rich Cline
Like Thelma & Louise meets Shallow Grave, this twisty comic thriller centres on beautiful women who are preyed on by selfish men. Dorothy and Petula (Lynch and Weisz) have hideously violent boyfriends Tony and Brian (Glen and Mannion). They meet when Dorothy tries to rescue Petula from a particularly bad beating ... and Brian ends up dead. Rather than risk a manslaughter trial, the duo try to think up an alternative scenario. Before they can come up with anything though, a nosey detective (Norton) and Brian's even crueller brother (Roeves) are on their trail. Think fast....

The fiercely clever script and direction are dead on--hilariously funny, scary and creepy at the same time (with the heavy female empowerment theme, it's remarkable both writer and director are male!). Lynch and Weisz are in top form--Lynch's edgy Dorothy contrasting nicely against Weisz's ditsy, Marilyn Monroe-esque Petula. It's fun to watch them catch themselves off guard with their sharp-witted reactions to what happens around them. And Norton is an enjoyable variation on the standard inspector detective. If everyone drifts into clownish stereotypes from time to time, it can be forgiven. The film moves along briskly--constantly surprising, thoroughly entertaining and surprisingly astute in its observations.

[18--strong themes and situations, violence, language] 24.Nov.00

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"Beautiful acting, beautiful directing, beautiful script and a fantastic film! Five stars." --Keliza, Cardiff 2.Feb.01

2000 by Rich Cline, Shadows on the Wall