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back to the top HAIKU TUNNEL
settle down. focus. catch up
dir Jacob & Josh Kornbluth; with Josh Kornbluth, Warren Keith, Helen Shumaker, Amy Resnick, Brian Thorstenson, June Lomena, Harry Shearer 01/US UK release ?
"This is a strange little story about a temporary clerical worker who loves the anonymity of being a temp, but is offered the chance to go perm (permanent) for a law firm, and finds all his efficiency and self-sufficiency falling apart. Unable to do the simple task of mailing off 17 important letters, despite the loyal assistance of his workmates, he tries to quit, and ... well, you gotta see the movie to see what happens. This quirky film won't appeal to everyone, but I enjoyed it very much. For anyone who's ever worked in an office, it's rich in humorous moments that send up the horrors of that environment." --Jim Leonard, Los Angeles 28.Sep.01
back to the top LETíS GET SKASE
the kidnap attempt you never heard about
dir Matthew George; with Lachy Hulme, Alex Dimitriades, Adam Haddrick, Craig McLachlan, Torquil Neilson, Nick Sheppard, Bill Kerr, George Shevtsov 01/Australia UK release ?
"Based on a true story, this comedy got plenty of laughs (*** from me) from the audience. It follows a commando type team (no guns!) who train to kidnap Skase and halt his latest rip off scheme and then raid his Majorcan villa during a party. It's packed full of laughs and really hits its stride when the team raid the fortified mansion. Hulme infuses his role as the raid leader Peter Dellasandro with great charisma, and it's easy to see why he's been grabbed for Matrix 2 and 3. The real Dellasandro who actually led an abortive raid on the mansion was at the party too. It's unfortunate that Skase died before release but the film is still topical and even contains footage of some real-life high profile villans (I won't name them)." --Gawain McLachlan, Filmnet, Melbourne
back to the top SILENT PARTNER
everyone's a winner baby
dir Alkinos Tzilimidos; with David Field, Syd Brisbane, Hebe 01/Australia UK release ?
Out of the blue, two down-on-their luck losers are offered a dream-come-true opportunity to train and race a greyhound. "I quite liked it and am giving it ***. A very down to earth realistic look at two low class no hopers having a go at the 'new Australian dream' of hitting it rich by gambling. Although a little depressing the script is well written and acted out. However coming from a play it doesn't make full use of the cinematic medium and uses few locations. The low budget nature of the film no doubt influenced this and some may feel that this gives the claustraphoboic nature the director may have intended. I would have like to see the mystery man aspect more fully dealt with and was a little disappointed with the ending but its still worth seeing even if it isn't going to be a Moulin Rouge." --Gawain McLachlan, Filmnet, Melbourne 15.Aug.01

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